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05 March 2015

Speaker: Team Sodzo

A mobile phone based water testing kit application.

The occurrence of unsafe water is a global crisis with its vast negative effects to the world's population from different water group contaminants like microbial pathogens, organics, inorganic and radioactive elements.Twenty percent of all deaths worldwide are from diarrhea, more than malaria, AIDS, and measles combined. The weakest members of society suffering most: one child under five years old dies every 21 seconds from a water-related disease that is 3,400 children per day.

Evidently this problem being one of the most serious public health crisis facing us in underdeveloped countries where the impact is staggering since these vulnerable areas and communities are also the poorest parts of the country. We seek to address this malignant nemesis using a smart phone mobile application called Water4lyf that assesses the quality of drinking water by simply an image capture.

We are building an application that can test water in real time as well as map results on a website dashboard for data collection, analysis and visualization. We have been in position to test two clear samples that is; clean and dirty clear samples and now we are developing the online platform to map our results being tested.

Water4lyf is composed of a mobile application currently running on an android platform and a 3D kit.