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Small & Medium Entreprenuers Get Connected

The College of Computing and Information Sciences through its Centre for Innovations and Professional Skills Development conducted a free three-day Digital skills training for members of the Federation for Small & Medium Enterprises (FSME). The objective of the training that occurred between the 25th and 27th June 2018 was two fold;

1.       Equip business entrepreneurs with the necessary ICT skills that will enable them to compete in to today’s digital economy.

2.       The Centre to implement its Corporate Social Responsibility by reaching out to the community and providing digital literacy skills.

The training which is one of the curriculums within the Cisco Networking Academy is a self-paced course designed for beginners who have no computer knowledge. The course therefore gives one the opportunity to learn about computer basics, Internet navigation, the use of emails, embrace social media tools. The training attracted approximately 190 participants, 61% of which were females ranging from diverse background i.e. tailors and hairdressers.

The training was facilitated by Mr. Robert Tuhaise (Deputy HOD, CiPSD) and Mr. Chares Halonda-Funa (Ag. Communications & Business Development Officer) with support from CiPSD administrative staff and interns. It was deemed a success since all participants got the opportunity to demystify ICT by actually getting to use a computer, create email accounts, access their Cisco Get Connected profiles, provide course feedback etc.

The biggest challenge faced during the training was the with participants more comfortable interacting in the local language than English and so used an interpreter to ease delivery of the training.  Other than that, the smiles on their faces at the end of the training said it all with a majority pledging to return for additional trainings in the future.

The training ended with the participants being handed and walking away proudly with certificates from the Academy. The certificates were proof that they were actually digitally skilled and ready to take on the digital world. Due to the success and large turnout of participants for this training the Academy has embarked on providing similar opportunities to others in the near future.