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The Uganda Police Force

On the 18th December 2007, Makerere University signed a MoU with the Uganda Police Force; this is to foster collaboration among the two parties. The overall objective of this MoU is to enable the Uganda Police Force integrate ICTs in its service delivery. The two parties shall be responsible for the design, development and implementation of appropriate electronic information and communication solutions/applications and the selection of the equipment to be used based on compatibility with the existing Government standards and policies. CIT shall be responsible for offering training services to the members of the Uganda Police Force in the varied areas of ICTs. It will also ensure that the technologies deployed are in line and compatible with current industrial standards and shall work with the Government to ensure that users are trained in the use and management of the ICTs. A range of projects with the Uganda Police Force have taken off, such include:

  • ICT Baseline Survey - The project involved reviewing existing ICT initiatives within the Uganda Police Force departments. The intention was to identify gaps for improvement in areas where computerization has already taken place. At the same time, the baseline study would identify areas that are potential for computerization.  The study was completed at the end of March 2008 and a briefing presentation of findings given to the Uganda Police Forces management.  Areas for collaboration with CIT will in future be identified from the baseline report.
  • Fire Arms Database System - The system has three views: (1) the government fire arms; (2) the privately owned fire arms and (3) private security organizations.  Work involves the entire software application development life cycle.  This means starting from requirements specification, system designing, implementation and testing. Implementation of the project commenced in August 2008 with drafting of the requirements, presented prototype which was approved by the respective units in the force, now finalizing the development to commence on implementation.
  • Training of 200 Police officers in Office Applications - The Police Force nominated 208 Police officers and CIT trained them in Office Applications using the CCA course content from 21st July -1st August 2008. Trainees were awarded certificates at a colorful ceremony held on 6th August 2008 at CIT. At a later date, more specialized training will be identified and delivered under similar arrangements. Waiting for response from the Force in regard to their special training requirements.
  • Crime Records Management System - This is a project supported by the American Government. It Includes a component on biometric integration in the system.  Training on how the system works was completed in July 2008 and was attended by three staff from CIT. The implementation of this project began in October 2008 and was implemented in conjunction with the American Government. CIT provided support to the project, focusing mainly on system and infrastructure support.
  • Integration of Sensor Networks in the Traffic Control System - This project involves development of functionality to capture traffic data using sensor networks. The developed functionality is to be integrated into the current traffic control system which is a pre-determined traffic flow system.  One PhD Student and two MSc students are undertaking the study under the supervision of Dr. Idris A. Rai. They are at the stage of identifying required components to be procured and Consultations are going on with different stakeholders involved in traffic control administration.
  • Drafting the ICT Policy for the Uganda Police - This project involves drafting of an ICT Policy document for the Uganda Police in view of the current initiatives to introduce ICT in Police operations. Part of the work will be picked from the results of the baseline survey. The main activities will involve guiding the Uganda Police personnel into writing an ICT Policy that will guide them in planning and budgeting for ICT resources. This work is in progress.
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