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Bachelor of Information Technology

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The Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) is a three year full-time degree programme open to all prospective students. The programme offers flexibility while providing the level of knowledge and skills required by industry and professional bodies. The curriculum is designed with emphasis on having the student acquire the business, manufacturing, media, computer and communication skills necessary for employment and career opportunities in todays ICT industries and business organizations.

Students on the BIT Degree Programme develop conceptual and practical IT skills in integrating financial, organisational, marketing and production/service function with an overall business strategy. The majority will take up Managerial positions in Information and Communication Technology (computing and ICT- based sectors, and other positions such as Web-Designers, Web-Programmers, Information Technology Planners, Systems Analysts, IT Project Managers, IT Company Secretaries, Information Systems Specialists and IT Lecturers. Others will take up further studies in Information Technology like a Master of Information Technology (MIT). The Bachelor of Information Technology Degree Programme is offered to give an opportunity to prospective students to undertake training in Information Technology (IT).

This programme also provides an avenue to those already engaged in the IT-sector without formal degree qualifications in IT to join the BIT Degree Programme through either direct or diploma or mature age entry schemes. Since Information Technology is a new discipline, this programme provides a pool of IT Professionals that are much needed in todays IT industry. A full-time student shall not carry less than 15 credit units and not more than 25 credit units (excluding retakes) per semester.




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