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PhD by Research only


For Doctoral students undergoing Research only, a candidate must fulfill the general Makerere University entry requirements for a doctoral programme. An Applicant is considered for provisional admission upon submission of the following to School of Graduate Studies: (NB: Provisional Admission is for up to one year during which time a Full proposal must be developed, vetted and accepted by the Faculty Higher Degrees and Research Committee)

  • A filled in application form in duplicate

  • Academic credentials

  • Three referee letters

  • 3-5 page synopsis outlining the area of research interest. The synopsis must have a title, statement of the problem, objective(s) of the research, significance, justification, hypothesis and minimal literature having stated the method in general you intend to use to answer your research questions. There should be a list of the minimal references used in your literature review.

  • The application is accompanied by receipt as evidence of having paid application fees or any other evidence of having paid such money.

The Faculty Higher Degrees and Research Committee considers for Provisional admission taking into consideration the following:

  • If the topic is researchable (statement of the problem especially)

  • If there is a suitable supervisor in the Faculty or elsewhere in the University, outside in Uganda or out of the Country.

  • Is the student suitably qualified to undertake the said study given the qualifications and any relevant publications if any.

  • Is there a possibility of the applicant being suitable and could be assigned another topic for research if admitted which could be developed into an acceptable research proposal.

  • Does the University have suitable facilities to enable the applicant carry out their research work successfully? If not are there collaborative institutions where this could be done elsewhere.

  • Identify our staff who will assist the students develop a research proposal taking into consideration the existing capacity. Please note that, staff members who qualify to supervise PhDs must already have a PhD degree of at least two years duration/standing and may supervise up to 3 students at a time and not more than 5 Masters Degree students as well.

For full admission to be granted the following have to be satisfied:

  1. 2 External Vetter€„¢s should have submitted their reports to the Chairman of the Faculty Higher Degrees and Research Committee.

  2. Proposal should have been presented to members of the Faculty Higher Degrees and Research Committee for their review at least 2 weeks in advance.

  3. Applicant is invited to defend the proposal before the Faculty Higher Degrees and Research Committee. The defense should normally not exceed an hour.

  4. Signed minutes by all members who attended the relevant Faculty Higher Degrees and Research Committee are forwarded to School of Graduate Studies.

  5. A corrected final proposal is forwarded to School of Graduate Studies by the chairperson Faculty Higher Degrees and Research Committee.

  6. A Letter from a supervisor certifying incorporation of all corrections to the proposal as recommended by the Vetter€„¢s and Faculty Higher Degrees and Research Committee also be sent to School of Graduate Studies. (Refer to template: Proposal Approval Letter)

  7. A receipt of having been paid up and registered for the PROVISIONAL ADMISSION period.

  8. FULL ADMISSION letter is prepared by the Director School of Graduate Studies for duration of 3 years effective from the date of the minutes of the Faculty Higher Degrees and Research Committee meeting recommending for full admission.

  9. Progress Reports must be submitted by the student and supervisor every 6 months before submission of the Thesis for examination. (Progress Reports forms)


  1. Students notify the School of Graduate Studies of their intention to submit their thesis 2 weeks to submission. (refer to the template: letter of Intent to submit Thesis for Examination)

  2. School of Graduate Studies requests the Faculty Higher Degrees and Research Committee to nominate examiners and the Viva Voce Panel and thereafter appoints examiners (two External to the University and two Internal Examiners who have been the supervisors)

  3. Students then submit 4 spiral bound copies of their thesis to the Faculty Graduate Studies and Research Office which thereafter are sent to School of Graduate Studies. (Attached with them should be the letter; Notice of Submission of Thesis for Examination)

  4. Submission of Thesis is upon completion of at least two years of supervised work during full admission period.

  5. If a candidate is unable to submit after 3 years of full registration one may apply for extension of registration for a period of up to one year each for a maximum of 2 years, since maximum duration is for 5 years (Full time students) or maximum duration of 7 years of study (part time students).


  1. Examination of the thesis is done within three months by the examiners and reports forwarded to the Director of School of Graduate Studies for confidentiality and quality assurance purposes.

  2. When all reports are in and at least two of them are positive including that of the External Examiner, then a VIVAVOCE examination is held upon notifying the student. VIVAVOVE examination is for purposes of assessing the candidate€„¢s in-depth knowledge of his/her registered work and attach ownership to the dissertation.

  3. After examination, in case of revision/corrections being required, one of the internal examiners should be satisfied to the completeness of the exercise.

  4. Incase of failure, the candidate may be advised to redo the work or to discontinue from the degree programme.


  1. An award is recommended upon receipt of a letter from the supervisor/internal examiner ascertaining that all identified corrections in the dissertation, have been effected to his/her satisfaction. (Refer to the template; standard letter to be signed by the Supervisor/Internal Examiner)

  2. The candidate can then go ahead and bind 4 copies of his/her thesis in black colour with gold letters. The candidate must have paid up fully before graduation.

  3. The 4 copies are then submitted to the Faculty Graduate Studies and Research Office with a soft copy of the abstract on floppy and a CD containing the Thesis
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