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PDA Based Consultancies

Before joining academia I happened to have horned my skills at programming survey questionnaires for use on Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) devices using Pendragon Software. This was in my previous employment as Technical Manager for Uganda Chartered HealthNet, a local based NGO whose goal is implementation of innovative ICT solutions in health.

I undertook several consultancies during that time including :

UHMG, Kampala, Uganda

2008 Follow-up HBCS Survey July 2008 to September 2008

  • Developed the household and individual questionnaires in Pendragon Software
  • Designed the back-end HBCS database for forms upload from PDAs
  • Provided technical support to R & E staff in relation to data management

Retail Outlet Survey 2007

  • Designed Retail Outlet Survey and programmed the form onto the PDAs
  • Development and integration of the developed system with the existing database.
  • Performed training of R&E staff on designed system.

Academy for Education Development, USA

Tebelopele Voluntary Counseling and Testing (TVCT) 2007

  • Designed PDA based system for AED-Botswana that handles data collected from PDAs and sends the data via mobile phone to a server.
  • Integration and testing of designed system.

Household Net Survey(AED-NetMark Uganda) 2006

  • Designed PDA based system for AED-Uganda that handles data collected from PDAs and sends the data via FTP to server for daily monitoring.
  • Implementation of data transfer routines via FTP for the 5 different collection sites.
  • Training and support to data collectors over the period of 2 months.

World Health Organization, 2006

Swaziland Service Availability Mapping

  • Trained and configured PDA data collection system for SAM.
  • Training of end-users and super-users on maintenance of implemented system.

A2Z 2006,2008

Food Nutrition Survey

  • Designed and programmed paper forms to PDAs
  • Designed back-end system for data synchronization from the PDAs
  • Trained end-users on the basics of PDAs and data collection using PDAs.

Rakai District Health Services

Service Availability Mapping 2006

  • Developed tools for Service Availability Mapping for UCH
  • Implementation of SAM using GPS devices and PDAs to map the availability of PDA/Wireless Data Access Points in the district.
  • Back-end processing of collected SAM data

Electronic HMIS data Management 2005

  • Developed tools for electronic HMIS data collection for UCH
  • Deployment of Wireless Access Points to pick up data from PDAs and synchronize it with a remote Server.
  • Provision of support in the maintenance and sustenance of the developed system.

Several other short consultancies in Mozambique, Botswana and Uganda 2006 - 2008



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