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Assoc. Prof. Gilbert Maiga
Department of Information Technology
School of computing and Informatics Technology
College of computing and Information Sciences
Makerere University | P.O Box 7062, Kampala.
M:+256 772 316918
F: +256 412 540620
E: gilmaiga@gmail.com / gmaiga@cis.mak.ac.ug / gmaiga@cit.ac.ug
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Associate Professor Gilbert Maiga is the Dean of School of Computing and Informatics Technology, Makerere University. He holds a PhD in Information Systems His Post Doctoral research was on Adoption of Telemedicine for Healthcare in Remote Settings: A Context based Test of the Technology Acceptance Model. His current research interests are in the areas of e-Services, e-Government and e-health, Biomedical Ontology, Knowledge Management and use of Telemedicine for Healthcare.

Currently he is the principal Investigator on the Sida supported project, on Training for Sustainable Spatially Enabled e-Services Delivery in Uganda (TSSEED). This project supports students to train along the themes of: spatial predictive modeling for prevalence of infectious diseases, epidemiology intervention without location, a public participatory GIS for planning e- services for solid waste management, Spatial-temporal modeling of nodding syndrome and spatial temporal Modeling of Mobile Microscopic Diseases.

The project has also set up laboratory to support research and training in the area of e-services. He has Mentored 2 PhD and more than 24 Masters Students to completion and is currently mentoring 2 PhD and 5 Masters Students.

Dr. Maiga is author and co-author to over 25 peer reviewed Journal papers and Book chapters.

Mak. School of Computing & Informatics Technology P.O.Box 7062 Kampala (UG) | Tel: 256-414-540628. | Fax: 256-414-540620 | Email: info[at]cis.mak.ac.ug.