Dr. Julianne Sansa Otim
Room 302 Block A CIT Building
Phone: (+256) 414-540 628
Fax: (+256) 414-540 620

Department of Networks
School of Computing & Information Technology
College of Computing & Information Sciences
Makerere University
P. O. box 7062
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Julianne was born in Jinja, Uganda. She received her BSc. (Computer Science, Maths) degree in 2001, and her MSc. (Computer Science) degree with honours in October, 2004, with the Master Thesis: On Quality of Service in Campus Networks: A Case of the Makerere University Network [pdf]from "Makerere University " (Kampala, Uganda).

Between March 2005 and May 2010 she worked on a sandwich Ph.D. project between the Kapteyn Astronomical Institute and Makerere University's Faculty of Computing and IT (CIT) looking at Measuring and Modeling of High-speed Data Transport Protocols [pdf]. Her research interests are network protocols especially for data transport and network quality of service.

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CV (last updated May 2010)

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