PhD Software Engineering




The objectives of the PhD in Software Engineering by Coursework and Research programme are to: –

  1. Build human resource capacity in the areas of software engineering in both the public and private sectors, especially in universities.
  2. Develop research capacity in the areas of software engineering.
  3. Address the increasing demand for PhD holders in the areas of computer science, information systems, information technology and software engineering
  4. Strengthen capacity and institutional building in the area software engineering disciplines in tertiary institutions, private and public sectors.
  5. Provide those masters holders with potential for PhD with opportunities to develop skills in formulating, conducting and presenting their own scholarly research through the production of research-based dissertations and publications.
  6. Foster initiative and potential for independent self-study that will develop the students’ motivation and ability to continue updating their knowledge and skills after completion of the course of study in relation to scholarship and research.
  7. Enable the students to be able to demonstrate a critical awareness and reflection on research-based information as a basis for problem-solving and practice in professional contexts.
  8. Enable students to be able to demonstrate the ability to interpret and report research findings in areas relevant to software engineering.

The curriculum for Doctor of Philosophy (Software Engineering)

Semester 1

PIS 9101: Presentations, Scientific Writing and Research Ethics(Revised)
PCS9101: The Philosophy of Computing(Revised)
PSE 9102: Science of Programming (New)

Semester 2

PSE 9201: Models of Software Systems (New)
PIT 9201: Advanced Research Methods (Revised)
PSE 9203: Software Systems Architectures (New)